Spiritualist Church of the Comforter

Member of National Spiritualist Association of Churches

Welcome to the Spiritualist Church of the Comforter

We present and teach The Science, Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism. We hold Sunday Healing and Church services.  We hold bi-monthly Wednesday evening All-Message services. We offer classes and workshops for spiritual development.

We teach natural law, and the attributes of unconditional love.  We build confidence in our students that they are able to participate in the healing and Spirit greetings that are the mainstays of our Sunday service.  

We also teach what the Golden Rule is really about: that true love and kindness are what bring love and kindness to you.

We are here for two reasons: to find our way back to the source from which mankind originated, and to be of service to others.  

All of the rules and laws encompass two tenets: You get back what you give out, and you will attract those persons and conditions to you who fit into the personality you show forth.  

Living in love and light is our main goal in life, and we try to share this with all around us.  

We are proud members of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC).


Church Services
1028 Garden Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 965-4474

10:30 am Hands-on Healing Service
11:00 am Regular Church Service

Bi-Monthly Wednesday
6:30 pm All Message Service