The 1st Spiritual Temple
Chartered 1895
Member National Spiritualist Association of Churches

Pastoral Committee, Kim Scherer Chair

Rev Alfred  A. Conner, NST
Pastor Emeritus

Elsie Ann Soria, NST

Secretary   (650) 583-2739
  Church Service
2nd and 4th Sunday, each month
10:00 am

33 Banbury Drive
(The Hillel Foundation House)

San Francisco, CA  94132
  Spiritualism is a Science, Philosophy and Religion.
We believe that the soul never dies and that we can communicate with those who have passed to the Spirit World through the change called “death.”  

We have nine Principles, which are a moral code by which we live our lives.  

Our church services consist of a lecture, a healing service, and a sacred part, which is when we receive messages from our loved ones who have passed to the world of Spirit

All Are Welcome