Spiritualist Church of the Comforter

Member of National Spiritualist Association of Churches

The Sunflower Is The Emblem of Spiritualism

The Sunflower is native to the soil of the United States, however it has been transplanted to many other soils all over the world. In 1948 Spiritualism was recognized as a religion in 38 Nations.  

The Sunflower is like a magnet. It attracts selectively. The uncommon nectar of Spiritualism is very similar to its official flower. Spiritualism appeals not to the masses but to the individual who seeks reason, the individual who substitutes something beyond mere faith.  

The Sunflower rests upon a strong stalk. Spiritualism also demonstrates to mankind that peace and understanding here and hereafter depend on strong character.  

The long reach of the Sunflower protects the weaker plants and flowers and helps shield them from the angry winds.  It tends to balance the natural forces to give protection to the plants it is near. Spiritualism can be expressed in the same light. It protects man from superstition that prohibits his spiritual growth and provides him with a solid foundation upon which he can base a firm groundwork of understanding of why he is here, what he must do and where he is going.  

The Sunflower also provides a great medicinal value and contains almost a complete balance of all natural vitamins and minerals. Spiritualism stresses the value of spiritual and physical healing.  

Therefore, Our Motto is: “As the Sunflower turns its face to the light of the sun, so Spiritualism turns the face of humanity to the light of Truth.”